Who We Are


Grace Lutheran Church was formed in 2010 through the consolidation of two congregations who decided to join together and start over as a new faith community. The spirit of that consolidation continues to inform our life together, even as new people unfamiliar with those predecessor churches have become part of our community. Here are some core values in the DNA of our church:

  • Because those two communities…

    • …welcomed one another in love, we are a welcoming church that shares a spirit of hospitality with newcomers.

    • …trusted God to lead them to a new beginning, we continue to trust God in ventures of which we cannot see the ending.

    • …closed long chapters in order to enter a new chapter, we don’t have a lot of trouble trying new things. We tend to say, “Cool! We’ve never done it that way before! Let’s give it a shot!”

  • At the same time, living from the 500-year Lutheran tradition, we tend not to jump on fads.

  • We are not self-consciously “contemporary” in our worship style, but we are open to new musical expressions and we do our best as these expressions come from the hearts of our people.

  • Newcomers are invited to contribute to life at Grace right off the bat.

  • We encourage ministry teams that center their life together around fellowship (usually sharing a meal), scripture and prayer, and then the ministry task. We value depth in our work together, not the expedience of getting something done quickly.

  • Children are the church now, not the church of the future. Children often take on roles in worship that have traditionally been reserved for adults.

  • We tend to be lighthearted. We forgive each other’s mistakes and glitches easily and don’t expect perfection.

  • The people of Grace are ministers, trusted and encouraged to use their gifts wherever they are: at home, at school, at work, in the community.

  • As a congregation with a “neighborhood church” feel, we want to be a part of life in our surrounding neighborhood. We’ve discovered our mission to be “in the neighborhood for good,” which means sharing a sense of stability in our community as well as contributing to the greater good. People – even people who have never worshiped at Grace - have told us they consider Grace to be their church. We think that’s awesome.

  • We believe that God is giving us growth. We are opening ourselves up to much we have to learn. These are fun times at Grace.